Whats expected from players

Player Have-To’s
I expect everyone to have their sheet updated on the Obsidian Portal.

I expect players to have hardness and hp’s calculated for their equipment, as this is likely to come up a decent number of times. I also want the players main items(anything equipped or used consistently at a minimum) on OP, yes so I can rob them!

I expect players to keep their goals, desires, etc. updated (The initial fillout of this is worth 1000xp.) Remember, direction determines XP.

I expect players to realize this is a brutal world, and while I’m far from out to kill you – death, chaos conversion and limb losses are all very possible events. Please don’t get crazy if this happens to you.

Know your character well enough to act in the 30 second rule.

I expect players to macro their characters. This goes hand in hand with the 2 minute rule, but I’m having too many players type everything out and take forever.

Things I’d like to see from players
I would like players to keep a running journal under the forums for their character. You can post as often as you want, but you get xp once per session for posting your characters POV (Varies by level – always defaults to the highest characters level allowing you to catch up if you fall behind.)

Whats expected from players

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