Steam-jack Weapon Enhancements

Tech Upgrades Tech upgrades are upgrades that don’t increase the enchantment value, and are considered mundane crafting.

Damage Type Name Tier Cost Effect
Piercing Grinder 1 750 On a successful hit you may activate this device and leave it inside your opponents, dealing the weapons base damage each round to the opponent. He may spend a full round action removing the device
Piercing Pure Flame 2 10000 This weapon deals 100% fire damage
Piercing Pressure Pump 3 4900 This weapon can spring out, you may use lunge when wielding this weapon.
Slashing Top Heavy 1 800 The weapon does an extra +2 on damage.
Slashing Heat Forged 2 1800 Deals an additional 1d3 fire damage. This fire damage stacks with fire damage from other non upgrade sources
Slashing Magma Interior 3 7800 This weapon deals an extra 5 fire damage on a successful hit.
Blunt Empowering 1 900 this weapon adds an additional +50% damage from strength bonus. This does not effect Dex to damage.
Blunt Heavy Handed 2 4900 You may make Vital Strikes with this weapon.
Blunt Unstoppable Force 3 12200 You may make improved Vital Strikes with this weapon
Throwing Propulsion 1 100 The weapon gains +10 feet to its distance
Throwing Penetration 2 1100 The weapon gains steam and penetrates deeply. gains a penetration rating of 1
Throwing Steam Cloud 3 2450 You may activate this button as a free action before throwing. On a successful hit it also activates a fog cloud, but the radius is only 5 feet.
Ranged Increased Pull 1 1300 Add +1 to damage
Ranged Pressurized 3 6300 The weapon adds +10 to its range increment


Tech Enchantments: These are standard enchantments following magic item creation rules and adjusts the item normally.

Rifled: This special ability can only be placed on firearms without the scatter property. Rifling cuts spiral grooves into the gun’s barrel that spin a bullet as it leaves the firearm, increasing accuracy and range. A rifled firearm has 10 range increments, instead of five. This modification is usually used to improve the performance of smoothbores but can also be used to change the ballistic signature of any firearm. EL 4th; Schematics, Construction Craft Magical Arms and Armor; Gunsmithing feat; Craft (Steamjack) 4, Price +2 bonus

Steam-jack Weapon Enhancements

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