This is effectively the same as the ride skill, but groups in witha ride range of vehicles as well. Some of these function a little differently while driving as outlined on the chart below. Please note when using a golem companion or a steam horse these function under the standard ride skill. These changes are for other vehicles.

Task DC Notes
Guide with knees 25 Failing on this automatically defaults to keep it going
Stay in Saddle n/a Generally doesn’t apply to vehicles
Cover 20 May not be possible in all vehicles, or may have higher dc
Soft Fall 15 Add +5 at 50 and every 50 thereafter. If in a flying vehicle hitting the DC allows you to make an Acrobatics to reduce damage as normal.
Leap n/a Can’t Leap Vehicles
Spur Mount n/a Can’t Spur Vehicles
Fast Mount or Dismount 25 Every size above you increases the DC by 5, every 50 feet of speed above 50 increases the DC by 5, and doing a difficult maneuver the same round increases the DC by 5

In addition, add the following maneuvers for vehicles only:

Task Action Type DC Notes
Accelerate Standard 20 With a DC 40 check you can accelerate it double it acceleration speed.
Decelerate Standard 20 With a DC 30 check you can Decelerate it double the acceleration rate
Jump Part of another control action + 5 If you have some kind of platform, cliff, ramp you may attempt a jump. DC + 5 is to successfully land without rolling the vehicle. For every 5 you beat it by you reduce the falling damage by 10 feet.
Keep it Going Move 20
Reverse Standard 20 On a dc 35 check it can reverse back at its acceleration speed
Turn Standard 20 DC goes up based on speed, double acceleration + 5, triple acceleration + 10, quadruple acceleration + 15
Sharp Turn Full Round See Above Every 30 degrees greater than 90 adds + 5 to the dc
Broken Condition increase by one step (Free → Swift → Move → Standard → Full Round → Impossible) + 2 increases all checks by 2



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