Clockwork Weapon Enhancements

Tech Upgrades Tech upgrades are upgrades that don’t increase the enchantment value, and are considered mundane crafting.

Clockwork Weapons: All take a full round action to re-spring unless stated otherwise. Each tech gets one use before it must be resprung. Activating a tech is a free action made as part of an attack unless stated otherwise. You may buy the same tech up to three times. For each purchase you make of the same tech you may use that tech one additional time before it need resprung. You may stack multiple techs on one weapon, but the cost of all techs increase by 5% for each tech in there. Each tech must have the same number of uses bought. When using a charge all effects happen at once, you cannot pick and choose which effects go off (though it may be possible to not use them). Using a tech is a free action unless otherwise stated.

Clockwork Firearms For clockwork firearms the load time is moved up by one action. There is no additional cost for clockwork firearms and they need not be resprung as that is in the additional load time, so they are always considered to benefit from any upgrades they may have.

Damage Type Name Tier Cost Effect
Any Multi-Gear - 400 You can spring each tech to a different spring, so they may be activated separately
Any Additional Spring - 150 You can buy a single tech upgrade one additional time for each time this is purchased, to a maximum of five uses with 2 purchases on the same tech. You must still pay for the extra cost of the tech as usual
P POP 1 100 +1 to damage and critical hit confirmation rolls for one attack
P Extend 3 2100 You LUNGE for one round
S Flying Blade 1 100 +1 to critical confirmation rolls for one round
S Grind 2 1000 Can unleash on a single attack to let the weapon deal its base damage again. This damage is not multiplied on a critical hit or increased by feats such as vital strike
S Keening 3 1500 This tech can be activated as an immediate action. The weapon benefits from Keen for one round
B Bash! 1 100 Gain a +1 to damage for one round
B Swing Back 2 1100 Gain cleave for one attack
B Multi-attack 3 2500 May be used to gain the effect of great cleave for one attack. Additionally it may be released as an immediate action to benefit from cleaving finish as long as the attack would meet those requirements. Both effects can be sprung in one round but it uses 2 charges.
B Finisher 4 4200 May be released as an immediate action on a successful requirement to gain the benefits of Greater Cleaving Finish
T Distance 1 100 Add +10 feet to the range
T Thrust 2 200 Add +1 to the damage dealt
T Improved Thrust 3 400 Add +2 to the damage dealt
R vicious strike 1 100 Increase critical confirmation rolls by 1 for 1 round
R Far Shot 2 750 Reduce range penalties by 1 for 1 round
R Volley 3 1800 Reduce range penalties by 2 for 1 round


Tech Enchantments: These are standard enchantments following magic item creation rules and adjusts the item normally.

Grapple Launching: This special ability can only be placed on firearms. The special ability includes a special set of rails that allows its wielder to slide a grappling hook over the firearm’s barrel and fire it as a full-round action. The grappling hook anchors into anything you successfully hit with an attack roll, and the DC of the Strength check required to pull the grappling hook loose is equal to your attack roll to lodge it in place. A Disable Device check can remove it with a +5 bonus on the check, and a creature struck by the hook can escape it with a combat maneuver check or Escape Artist check with a +5 bonus on the check. The firearm is powerful enough to fire a hook trailing up to 100 feet of rope, but reduces the firearm’s range by 50%.
EL 3rd; Schematics, Construction Craft Magical Arms and Armor; Gunsmithing Requirement Craft (Clockwork) 3 ranks; Price +$3,000

Grenade Launching: This special ability adds a special tube onto a firearm that can hold 1 alchemical grenade, such as alchemist’s fire, a tanglefoot bag, or a thunderstone. A special trigger allows the wielder to channel the force of black powder into this tube to launch the grenade as a ranged attack with half the range increment of the firearm. The wielder can take this action in place of any single ranged attack, and may use the same attack bonus that he can apply to the firearm. Reloading the tube is a time-consuming process and requires two full-round actions. If the weapon misfires while loaded with an alchemical substance, it detonates with the wielder (and the firearm) as the target.
EL 3rd; Schematics, Construction Craft Magical Arms and Armor; Gunsmithing Requirement Craft (Clockwork) 3 ranks; Price +1 Bonus

Clockwork Weapon Enhancements

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