Tools and Skill Kits

Item Cost Weight
Babbage calculator 200 10 lbs.
Barber’s kit 10 (masterwork 100) 2 lbs.
Boilermaker kit 200 50 lbs.
Chair, barber’s 150 (200 with restraints) 90 lbs.
Watch, pocket 550 1 lb.
Surgeons Kit 1000 9 lbs

Babbage Calculator: This device is an adding machine made of steel gears. This ten pound machine is used by artillery officers and accountants for speedy calculation of quadratic equations. It gives a +2 circumstance bonus on Profession (banker) and Profession (siege engineer) checks.

Barber’s Kit: A barber’s kit has all the tools you need to practice the profession of barber. A masterwork kit gives you a +2 circumstance bonus on Profession (barber) checks due to the quality of the straight razor and mustache wax.


Boilermaker Kit: Within a boilermaker kit are all the tools you need to maintain and repair any steam engine. Tools in the kit include: a monkey wrench, two pipe wrenches, a 5-lb sledge hammer, large and small crescent wrenches, large and small pry bars, pliers, tin snips, a dozen bull pins, and one pair of bolt cutters.

Chair, Barber’s: This padded chair is used by barbers and dentists to lift and recline the seated client. Torturers use a similar device equipped with masterwork manacles.

Watch, Pocket: A good pocket watch will keep nearly perfect time so long as it is maintained and wound (once daily for 2 rounds). It not only marks the passage of time, but is a vital tool for sea navigation, and its stylish appeal grants the user a +1 circumstance bonus of Charisma-based checks among polite society. Clockwork mechanisms are incorporated into many devices to measure time or provide kinetic energy through a compressed mainspring.

Surgeons Kit A surgeons kit allows one to perform field surgeries and repairs. When using a surgeons kit to perform a surgery the DC is increased by 5. Someone skilled in heal may also make a DC 15 heal check as a one round action that provokes attacks of opportunity. If successful he restores 1d4 hps +1 for every 5 he beat the DC by. When the bag is used in the fashion of healing hit point damage it uses 1 charge. When the bag is used to perform a surgery it uses a number of charges equal to the level of the spell being mimicked. This is in addition to the normal surgery costs. A surgeons bag is completely depleted after 10 uses.

Tools and Skill Kits

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