Take 10 and Take 20 On a take 10 you get a 8 and on a take 20 you get a 16.

Tech, Magical, Psionic Crafting
Mundane Crafting


New Skills
Craft (Chaositech): Craft Chaos Items (1 Chaos Per Rank)
Craft (Explosives): Used when crafting or setting explosives or for cooking a bomb/grenade in combat.
Craft (Arms & Armor): Are combined as one skill
Craft (Clockwork): Draft Schematics, create clockwork
Craft (SteamJack): Steam Engine Technology
Craft (Aelectricity): Draft Schematics, create mechanica
Craft (Siege Engines): Make engines of destruction.
Craft (Vehicles): Design blue prints and lead crews on making vehicles.
Drive (Wisdom): You know how to drive generally giant machines that take planning and foresight to control.
Knowledge (Chaositech) (1 chaos per Rank)
Knowledge (Litania/Latilor/Tribal lands/Great Houses/The Seas/The Underdark) These do away with and replace (Local, Geography, Nobility) – The regional knowledge’s encompass all of these when in their lands: They are, each taken individually.
Knowledge (Psionics): Know psionic stuff
Psicraft: The psionic equivalent of spellcraft.

Changes to Existing Skills
Craft (Alchemy): Assorted Tech Items
Craft (Firearm): Separate from Arms & Armor
Craft (Traps): Many mech traps and can be subbed for explosive traps.
Heal: Heal is used to perform surgeries and restore hp damage. This includes restoration surgeries and tech installation upgrades.
Knowledge (Engineering): Knowledge of All Technology Stuff – more valuable
Disable Device – can be applied to many machines and technological devices. Examples: make a firearm unable to fire, make a compass point east, make a steam cart unable to move.
Ride: See Linked
Stealth – Well be using these rules.
Use Magic Device: Is also use psionic device.


Aboleth (1 Chaos)
Aklo (1 Chaos)
Dark Folk (1 Chaos)
Drow Sign Language (1 Chaos) – Secret
Druidic – Secret
Dwarven Is a mostly dead language now as most dwarves have integrated into human cultures for many generation.
Elven – mostly a dead language as all the elves have turned to drow.
Gnome – Primary language used in the creation of schematics and blueprints.
Protean (Chaotic – 1 Chaos)
Resolute (Lawful)
Undercommon (1 Chaos)

Any chaotic language is considered a non-standard language, and will take some effort to learn(research or immersion and you still must spend a point on linguistics). Starting out with these languages, while not forbidden, is unusual and will have to have some background reason as to why you know these languages.


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