Domcur By Under A Bleeding Sun

Session 1: 11/4/2012

The Journey Begins AKA Everyone's Unconciouss

Our journey into session 1 began with with the party getting beat down by a midget jack. Simmi was already unconscious, and Damian was one hit away from going down. Our team fought on though and eventually dispatched the fell beast. The party applied some Troll Styptic to recover their wounds and they finished ransacking the Solace Station. Not sure where to go next, the party decided it was time to hit up the bar.

They travel in and take note of their surroundings. There are a few injured rail workers, the bar keep and an odd man in the corner.

Simmi goes and jumps on the odd mans table, who continues to ignore her as she pesters him. She orders a drink and starts getting drunk. Guy also partakes in a glass of scotch after a short conversation with the bartender, and discovers that it isn’t bad for some road brewed swill. Simmi gets bored with the mysterious man and runs over to the injured rail workers, who strike up a conversation. Meanwhile, guy talks with the man at the table, and ends up hiring him for his services. We find out this man is Khon Zayne.

The party asks some questions, and Simmi pesters Guy to see his Noble Super Powers. Khon returns with his stuff and the party heads out to the guard station so Guy can show off his super powers. Khon notices a lady walking down the street and follows her, while Guy and the rest of the team continue to the guard station. When there, guy conscripts a few of the guards to come work with him for a bit, much to Simmi’s delight. They decide to go look for Khon.

Khon follows the young lady, but seems to have lost her when he turns a corner and gets whacked in the face. She pummels him and Khon goes down like a boss. The party manages to catch Khon’s tracks, and realize that a struggle happened. Damian tracks the trail to an odd house. Guy talks with the guards, who go to “investigate” a noise they heard somewhere, and the party breaks into the house. A vicious battle unfolds, where Simmi, Mylissa and Damian go down. Luckily the guards show up, and Perry the bird is a fuckin’ beast and manages to kick some serious ass. The party wins and Saves Khon.

After looting and investigating the house they find a note, and realize that these people worship the old gods, and are working for a cult on this. Guy brings the news back to Lady Shelyn, who rewards them promptly.

July 20th 1012 AD – About 100 Miles NW of Calisha – On the 2nd build site for the first ever lightning rail.

A few weeks later the party is called upon again, this time to investigate the the disappearance of some Aelectricity rods from the railway. The party agrees and heads out to the site. After speaking with the foremen, and checking the area, Khon is able to pick up on some tracks, kobold tracks. Mylissa questions the workers, who confirm that they saw shadows one night from the nearby hills. While this leaves many questions (like, what would kobolds would want with Aelectricity rods) the follow them into the hills.

They find a small hole where the tracks lead, and the party goes through. Mylissa leads the party and a battle axe falls down at her. With lightning reflexes she grabs the hilt before it hits her, then they get to the first room. In here, Mylissa opens the door and jumps back from a pit trap. The party sees a group of kobolds playing cards at a table, and a short battle begins. Guy sings, while everyone else either falls in pits or jumps the pit. One kobold tries to flee but someone shoots her with an arrow and drops her.

The party needs to now get guy across the pit, and come up with an ingenious plan to pull him across with the rope. Unfortunately, as guy gets ready to jump it, he stumbles, and when the party pulls he face plants hard into the opposite wall. OUCH! Hilarity ensued for sure. Then they continued.

They got to a stairway, which happened to be trapped and spikes shot out at the party, and at the same time a small fire elemental appeared. Khon spits water in its face blinding it, while everyone else beats its ass. The poor elemental is no match for the cruelty of the party. They continue on to the last door, and open it. In the room is a gnomish lady and a mech! They tell the party to flee, and after a brief negotiation, the party decides to fuck these dudes up.

A fun battle begins, with grease, gunpowder and giant hits being delivered all over the place. The little gnome is popping shots at Simmi and cursing at her, while the robot thing is doing its best with the others. Guy trys to control the little gnome, but she seems strong of will so he begins to sing. With Ferocity Mylissa, Damian and Khon manage to bring the mech down, and his suit distengrates and inside is a gnomish man, now unconscious. Guy commands the Gnome to drop her gun, and this time she can’t resist. At this she drops to her knees and through sobs, surrenders.

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