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And a brief Introduction:

The world Domcur was a world of high magic a thousand years ago. The cruel gods who ruled the world were finally destroyed as the races finally built an alliance and cut through their cruel master. Unfortunately, the gods controlled and maintained most of the magic, and with their death most of it fell. The floating city (who’s name rests in myth) crashed into the sea, the vast majority of its inhabitants dying. Wizards fell from the sky as they dealt final blows to Scarzilon and Zilanonite, the two of the gods of magic. The powers of the mind stayed partially intact at least, and gave the people their heroes who still had the power to destroy Lanilana, the goddess of the world. With her death most of the other deities powers waned, and knights mounted on gryphon’s and dragons flew through the sky in a flurry finishing them off.

With the death of the gods, magic waned, and without a need for them, the powers of the mind decreased. The world went into a prosperous time, all the races have pulled themselves together to fight a common enemy and the world was good. With the loss of magic technology was slowly discovered. Gunpowder, steam engines and clockworks were discovered and the world started to change, and people started to lose their dependence on magic and an age of innovation followed.

Unfortunately, as utopias usually go, it couldn’t last forever. Racial prejudice grew, and the races forgot about the cruel gods who had dominated them before. The worlf fell apart, the giant, Ophiduan, maenad and xeph were banned from civilized lands and inner fighting started to destroy everything.

The two great capitols, Simlarin and Varis are on the brink of war over resources and territory claims.

The lesser cities are being forced to choose sides, though they’d like to stay neutral.

The merchants are trying to bring peace, and the Great Trade House city Calishaport (Formerly Pelor -Port) wants to construct the first continental steam engine, but are being blocked with the coming war.

The states as always have their own objectives, and are using the discord to their advantage.

At the same time, evil folk, who have forgotten their cruelty, have been convinced that the gods must be brought back, and are working tirelessly to raise Lanilana back from the grave. Even though this is difficult with the disconnected planes, some believe they will succeed.

There have also been disturbances from the sea. Currently no one knows what it is, though many hypothesize it is the city of the damned, coming back for revenge, though most don’t believe that. Though the sailors say a strange ship has been seen sailing in from the north.

The banished barbarians have allied with strange beasts not seen before, and are using them to run guerilla tactics on the civilized folk, and look like they might be gearing for total war, though on who is anyone’s guess.

All this, while the forces of Chaos have grown in power, and are getting ready to unleash their own diabolical plans on the surface world…

The world is yours for the shaping, though forces will shape it for you if you let them…

Pathfinder Domcur By Under A Bleeding Sun

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