All elves have been perverted into Dark Elves, no one is sure why.

The now known (dead) deities are Scarzilon and Zilanonite(Magic), Lanilana(the mother goddess), Titlia (Love, fertility, the harvest), DalitOOn (Death), Mazlitold (The earth), and RrDli (The Sky).

Chaos did not exist prior to the god war. It has slowly been on the rise since then and no one knows why.

The planes are basically non-existent here and there doesn’t seem to be any known portal out of domcur. There are still the “outsider” species, but they seem to be formed from raw energy on the planet. Some suspect the energy they come from is an overlay, like the weave, though no one knows for certain.

The barbarian tribes, largely disjointed for decades, seem to be coming together. In fact, it is between a few key players on who will assimilate the entirety of the tribes.

There are pirates, who act independently of any authority. There are also privateers, who have authority granted by a government to raid ships, much like a pirate but legally in someone’s eyes. Both have their advantages and disadvantages.

The Powers are split between the Countries (Litania and Latilor); the Great (Trade) Houses (Valrin, Matro, Johnty, Calisha, Pelor, Slanshin); The States (Hlaalu, Redoran, Dres, Telvani); The Barbarian Tribes; the philosophy of law; and of course, Chaos.

Chaos is predominantly located in the underground, known as the underdark, though rumor says it’s coming to the surface much more recently.


Chaos produces its own technology; Chaositech.

When a creature falls to Chaos, their race physically changes, such as how the elves all transformed into Dark Elves.

Many golems are not immune to magic, as they are now creatures of science rather than magic.

There is steam and Aelecrticity tech that can replace limbs, and even organs.

Healing is much more difficult, and Mundane healing will be more common.

Higher level magics and psionics are known to exist though they tend to be extremely difficult to research and find. Those with such knowledge will usually hoard it to themselves.

Technology has replaced, and in many instances out performs, Magic in both day to day life and in combat.

Some people don’t like to be intimidated, and those you deal with frequently will get very angry if you intimidate them.


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