low magic and psionic rules

Note: Spells & Psionics are interchangeable here.

No Spells Above 5th, though you continue to get spell slots.

Using any spell with the evil/chaos descriptor increases your chaos by a number of points equal to the spells level

Detect Magic/Psionics/poison, pretsdigitation and create water are now 1st level spells

Summon Spells – entropic or resolute are the allowable templates for summoning creatures who gain templates.

You can also create your own steam/clockwork/aelectricity variants of summons that can be modified with templates. These Variants have certain costs associated with building them. You also must have a location to keep them obviously(see downtime (buildings and teams).
Clockwork Summons
Steam Summons
Aelectricity Summons


A creature with either the Chaotic or Evil descriptor counts as Chaos, making summoning it a chaotic action granting chaos.

Restorative Magics: To give the game a gritty feel all restorative magics have their level increased by one. This includes spells such as remove disease along with Cure light wounds. The one exception to this is for potion brewing, where they remain the same level. If you need restorative done of a higher level than exists you can get a surgery done.

Powers: Powers follow the same format, and the similar powers are lost. Additionally, you may only spend power points equal to 3/5 your level(rounded down) + 1 PP’s per manifestation. You may also play several of the other classes/archetypes in the Psionics Expanded series, just check with me first.


Rehashed Spells

The Following Spell(and any psionic equivalents) Are Banned
plane shift
Lesser Planar Binding
Lesser Planar Ally
Make Whole, Mending and friends.
Overland Flight, Fly, Levitate
Diety Based Divination
Alter Self
Infernal Healing
Comprehend Languages
Liveoak Staff
Gentle Repose
Mount, Phantom Steed, Phantom Chariot
See Alignment
Masterwork Transformation
Feeblemind, Magic Jar
Charm Person, Color Spray, Stinking Cloud
Blood Money
Hut/mansion spells
Dominate Person/Monster
Astral spells have a high likely hood of failing
Endure Elements
Unseen servant
Keep Watch
Floating Disk
Alchemical Tinkering
Crafters Fortune
Fabricate Bullets
Jury Rig
Lighten Object
Reinforce Armaments
Swift Gordian
Transfer Tattoo
Blood Transcription
Elemental Speech
Share Languages
Continual Flame
Aboleth Lung
Alter Self
Tattoo Potion
Tiny Hut
Marinette possession & Magic Jar
Ancestral Regression
Beast Shape (and all other shape spells)
Shrink Item
Water Breathing
Lesser Geas
Familiar Melding
Minor Creation
Major Creation
Secret Chest
Possess Object
Rapid Repair
Flotsam Vessel
Cloud Shape
Air Walk
Baleful Polymorph
Tree Stride
Abundant ammunition
Dream Feast
Enhance Water
Bestow Weapon Proficiency
Track Ship
Create Food and Water
Create Water
Ancestral Gift
Ride the Waves
Cultural Adaptation
Play Instrument

low magic and psionic rules

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