Game Play and Style of Flow


Game Play and Style: The style of this particular game will be largely left up to you the players. I have a plan of over all goals that the party can work towards, though I’ve left it pretty open for you to go any direction you’d like. We can go combat lite, rp heavy, mystery heavy, etc., and it will largely be determined by your actions and what you choose to pursue, who you choose to partner/align yourself, etc.. Likely the game will see some of all of them as you choose different goals to work towards. This world is a complete sand box for you to shape as you like. Certain events are going on in the background though as well, regardless of if you interfere or not. These too will help shape the outcome of Domcur and potentially your characters lives to make it feel like a living world. I may even run a second game at the same time in Domcur.

As the format is open, I am going to do a limited amount of scaling. If you decide to investigate a goblin den that will likely be scaled to meet your level. If you choose to attack a capitol city, infiltrate a military base or enter a dragons den these encounters will not be scaled to meet your level, and you can be assured of a swift and brutal demise. Play smart and you can survive.

Depending on the groups playstyle and overall mission, many-most encounters will be able to be avoided through stealth, diplomacy, trade, setting a trap/ambush, a back passage, etc. If an encounter is avoidable, and you engage through failed rolls, the decision to attack head on, etc, you will be given reduced experience. Any encounter that can be avoided through non-combat means that is avoided with non-combat will grant full experience. If you come up with a particularily clever way to bypass an encounter you may even earn bonus experience. Some encounters combat will be unavoidable, and these of course will grant full experience as normal.

Storyline experience should make up a large part of your experience, likely as much or more than encounter experience depending on the style of game you and your party decide to engage in. Storyline experience might vary for different party members who have different goals. If you are a cleric of law for instance, and go along with an obvious act of chaos, you might be granted no storyline experience, while everyone else in the party gets full, and another character might get bonus for carrying out part of his personal storyline. Role-playing experience will be rewarded as well, with particularly dumb/risky acts that truly match your character giving you the most role-play experience. There will never be more than a two level variation between the highest level player and the lowest level player. If you die, you will start two levels behind the highest level player as well, though if the death was particularly well RPed, self-sacrificing, character fitting, etc, you might start higher at the GM’s discretion, up to as high as you were previously. You can also spend downtime to make up for experience discrepancies.

The campaign, being non-linear, has no real level range. The game is as likely to go to level 5 as 20. If everyone in an RP perspective gets to the end of their characters real playability early, the campaign will end. More likely, unless the party all starts out working towards the same type goal, characters would retire at different points as they get what they want. When such an event happens that it no longer makes sense to continue with the character from an RP perspective (Married and settled down on a farm, took over the tradehouse, became a general in the army, etc.) you will be allowed to retire the character and bring in another character at the same level if the rest of the party still has reason to continue as well. At retirement arcs you can also choose for your new character to be a progeny of your old character. This will obviously limit what classes/races you can come in as (a law cleric can’t have a rogue progeny), but you can be allotted a certain amount of loot, items, etc at the DM’s discretion as your retired character prepares him for the world. You do not have to have retirement centric goals, but sometimes it is a natural progression.

Game Play and Style of Flow

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