Character Creation

Before creating characters answer these Questions and wait to hear the response. You can begin planning a PC (or a few depending on storyline) but you should wait until the overall quest line is established. This could DRASTICALLY change how the game is played, so please take your time on the questionaire so we all can get the most out of this game.Depending on the answers given above you may be asked to answer more questions.


Read the following
Game Play and Style of Flow
Whats expected from players

Basic Character Creation Rules: Note any link probably has relevant info on that topic
20 Point Build
Attributes cannot be higher than 18 AFTER racial modifiers.
Select Your Race
Select Your Class
Skills Get three extra skill point at each level(including first) two of which must be spent on a knowledge, craft, profession or perform skill, the others may be spent as you wish.
Select a Feat as normal.
Select two traits neither of which can be a regional trait, religion trait or Fates Favored.
You may select campaign traits.
Additionally select a Campaign Package
Maximum HP’s for first level, 50% + 1 for all remaining levels.
Calculate your total essence, for most characters this is equal to their Con + 1, though there are ways to raise it.
Calculate your starting Chaos. You may start with up to 25 chaos, but most PC’s will want to start with 0.
Calculate your starting Steam Damage. For most PC’s this number will be 0.
Choose your age. You must be within the maximum legal starting age for your race. For instance, a human can start between 16 and 27 years old. We will be using aging effects should the campaign go that long.
Starting wealth may vary based on a whim. I will likely do average or randomly generate it based on your backstory. Once all the Questions are turned in check back with me and I should know which method we are using.


Other Important Info
Psionic Traits
House Rules
low magic and psionic rules
New Spells
Construct Companions – May replace animal companions for classes that gain one.

Character Creation

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