Arcane, Divine, and Psionics

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Arcane Magic: Arcane magic is dependent on the Weave, which was installed on the planets by the gods. It fell when the gods were slain, but it was enough of a force of its own to maintain itself (Kinda like gravity), though it has been in a state of decline ever since (unlike gravity).
Classes: Vanguard, Sorcerer, Summoner, Wizard, Arcanist

Divine Magic (Philosophy Based): Divine Magic in Domcur is drawn from a philosophical code. Unlike Arcane Magic, which is connected to the Weave, Divine Magic is drawn from an idea, somewhere out in the ether. One must be fanatical in ones belief to be able to draw magic from a concept though, so the cleric of Domcur are always highly fanatical.
Classes: Clerics, Paladin, Warpriest, Witch

Divine Magic(Nature Based): Some people draw their powerful magics from the land. These people tend to be very close to nature, and because of this bond, throw off advanced technologies. They may be cut off from their sources if they have too much tech. As such they only gain as essence score equal to their con. While not restricted from it, they rarely take tech and feats that increase their tech level. If they take an archetype that gives up spellcasting, they have a normal essence of Con+1.
Classes: Druid, Ranger, Hunter, Shaman, Oracle

Psionics: Psionics is the magic that comes from with-in, not from without. Psionics is not dependent on anything but one’s ability to harness his own natural power.
Classes: Psion, Wilder, Psychic Warrior, Tactician, Vitalist


Arcane, Divine, and Psionics

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